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Protect Your Electronics

When an electronic device that you use (and count on) the most stops working, you need a team of specialists to help you get it repaired - or replaced. With ElectronicsProtect, that’s the kind of peace of mind you can count on 24/7/365.

How can ElectronicsProtect Help YOU?

You know how important electronics are to your daily life: cell phones, computers, televisions, laptops. When they stop working, you need a way to get up and 
running – promptly, reliably and most importantly, affordably. 

Welcome to ElectronicsProtect, complete protection that provides you with:

 Multiple coverage options – from your flat panel TV to your PC… smartphone… laptop... game system… and more, there’s a plan to fit your needs

 Repair or total replacement of all covered broken electronics1 

 Includes all your current eligible devices, plus new ones you buy – no need for expensive individual warranties stores try to sell you

 All makes and models covered, no matter where the item was purchased

ElectronicsProtect Coverage

Your Low Monthly Rate: $14.95

Save up to $1,650 per year!
  • Up to $300 Savings on Home Repair Parts & Labor2
  • Up to $1000 Cash Back for Homeowners Insurance Claim Deductibles3
  • Up to $250 Cash Back for Home Improvement Projects4
  • Up to $100 Cash Back for Locksmith Services5
  • Unlimited Discounts on Brand Name Appliances

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