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Protect your
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When your home appliances and systems stop working,
TotalProtect helps pay for their repair or replacement.*
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Save thousands on the repair and replacement of major home systems and appliances with a TotalProtect Home Service Plan.

When a home system or appliance breaks down,
TotalProtect is the way to keep your budget intact.

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We're glad you asked. A home service plan helps cover the expense of repairing or replacing home appliances and systems when they break down from everyday use.

Just how expensive are repairs and replacements?

A single breakdown can cost you more than a year of coverage.

Did You Know?

TotalProtect offers a 60-Day Workmanship Guarantee on all covered repairs.


Furnaces, ovens, pipes – they all break sooner or later. The only question is: How much will it cost to replace them? Most homeowners dread the answer… unless you have a TotalProtect home service plan that could replace your covered system or appliance for one service call fee!* And now BBVA Compass has arranged for the HomeSure Companies to offer this affordable home service plan to valued customers.

Unlimited number of systems and appliances covered!*

With TotalProtect, it doesn’t matter the age, make or model of your system or appliance, any item covered could be repaired or replaced for a low service call fee. And that’s just the start! If your home has more than one A/C unit, heating unit, refrigerator, water heater, garage door opener and more... they’re all covered!

No inspection required, unknown pre-existing conditions covered.* 

TotalProtect doesn’t require a pre-inspection – your home systems and appliances currently in good working order can be covered when breakdowns occur. Plus, TotalProtect covers items for future failures – problems you’re not aware of yet.

Need a complete replacement? No problem.

When repair is not an option, TotalProtect may replace the covered item with a new one of comparable features.*

If you ever wish to upgrade appliances on your own, you can enjoy discounts off the suggested retail price of brand name appliances with the Appliance Buyline® discount buying service.

“Oops – I thought my homeowners policy covered that.”

Many homeowners think their systems and appliances are covered by their homeowners insurance policy – and when bad things happen, they quickly discover they’re on their own. Homeowners insurance typically doesn’t cover these kinds of breakdowns. Thankfully, TotalProtect does, so make sure you’re protected. 

How does it work when something breaks?

No matter which covered item breaks, there’s just one number to call — 24/7/365. A Customer Service Representative will help you make arrangements with a pre-screened service professional. All repairs are backed by a 60-Day Workmanship Guarantee.

What makes TotalProtect one of the best plans?

A 24/7 toll-free hotline, prompt repair service and comprehensive coverage puts TotalProtect at the top of the home service plan list. Plus, the Appliance Buyline® discount buying service gets you discounts off the suggested retail price of top, brand name appliances. 

To save BBVA Compass customers even more money, the total amount paid per year has no limit!3 PLUS, special coverage not yet available to the general public has been added for an unlimited number of heating units, A/C units and appliances throughout your home. This unique coverage now includes:

  • Disposal of broken appliances, parts and components
  • Recovery and disposal of refrigerant
  • Concrete-encased HVAC ductwork up to $1,000
  • Concrete-encased plumbing lines up to $1,000
  • Mechanical failure caused by mismatched HVAC systems and improperly repaired or installed parts and equipment



Don’t risk it. Cover ALL central cooling systems plus accessible ductwork.


Feel warm and safe with protection for ALL gas or electrical furnaces or heaters.


Let our experts do it. ALL central vacuums and bathroom/house exhaust fans are covered.


ALL stoppages, shower arms, expansion tanks, sump pumps, jetted tubs are covered.


Laundromat? No way! Whether top or front loader, gas or electric, you're covered.


Tank or tankless, you're covered. Even failures caused by sediment are covered. 


Leave the tinkering to us. Tanks, bowls and toilet mechanisms within the tank are covered.


They just don't last like they used to. Protect ALL your refrigerators.


Keep things cooking. Safeguard your cooktop, range, wall oven and built-in microwave.


Our service provider network
has more than 40,000
pre-screened professionals.

We're so confident in our services that we back them with a 60-Day Workmanship Guarantee


You do what you say you are going to do when many companies don't. I am very delighted and satisfied with TotalProtect.
- S.S.,  Leander, TX

He knows my refrigerator and freezer inside and out. He fixed it! He knew right away what was wrong.
- G.K., Williamsburg, VA

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