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TotalProtect for PenFed Members

Age is taking its toll on your home’s systems and appliances. Breakdowns are close at hand. Protecting yourself from the high cost of repairing and replacing these items is crucial… and now it’s easy.

TotalProtect 24/7 Peace of Mind Protection

SECURITY: Covers up to 20 of your most essential home systems and appliances (see below) that will be repaired or replaced no matter their age, make or model1
RELIABILITY: Unknown Pre-existing conditions covered with our Best Plan
ACCESS: 24/7 live-person hotline to request service on any covered item
ASSURANCE: A 6-month Workmanship Guarantee on all covered repairs
SAVINGS: A low service call fee per claim (less than $100) is all it should cost to repair or replace your covered systems and appliances1
CHOICE: Customized coverage is available to suit your needs

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